CJ Poly was founded in 2006 in cooperation with local customers to provide plastic reprocessing services. We quickly realized in order to grow we needed to be different from other recycling companies. There were a couple obvious things we needed to do in order to differentiate ourselves from other recycling companies. The first thing was to provide superior service to our customers. Whether it was through same day pick ups or providing drop trailers with same day or next day swap outs, we wanted to be different than other companies who seemed to neglect customers needs. After establishing great service for our customers, we promised to do something we found most other companies buying post-industrial scrap were not doing, paying on time. We pay for the customer provided material based upon the negotiated terms. We service small and large businesses from East to West coast and everywhere in between. Our customers are fortune 500 companies to 2 person shops down the street and we strive to provide the same service to each and everyone. We take pride in the company we have become and continue to strive to be the best plastic recycling company in the United States. .

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